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Developing Construction Personas - Understanding the Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

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Developing personas is a really good way of understanding your construction customer. You can use personas to develop your construction sales and marketing strategy so it is tailored to your customers challenges.

This download introduces the M&E Engineer looking at:

  • The Engineer within the Project Team
  • The role of the Engineer
  • History of the Engineer
  • The role of the M&E Engineer
  • Health and Wellbeing & Product Innovation
  • Qualifications
  • M&E Engineer - The job
  • M&E Engineer - Skills
  • M&E Engineer Roles
  • Decision Makers
  • Influencers
  • M&E Engineer Statistics
  • Professional Membership
  • Communications
  • Communicating with Engineers
  • Design Tools
  • M&E Engineer Drivers
  • M&E Challenges
  • Sustainability Challenges
  • Legislation/Regulation Challenges
  • Business Challenges
Concluding with a persona template for you to complete.

M&E Engineer Persona Cover.png


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